Mookaite Jasper 

This set of earrings is the first born of The Nine Collection. It’s made with a remarkable stone that is rather rare, a Mookaite Jasper. This stone is not frequently used in fine jewelry, making it even more of a special item. For these earrings Lindsey combined these two Mookaite Jasper stones. These two are a perfect combination both with their own character. The brown earthy tones intertwine perfectly together with the golden parts keeping these Mooikaite Jaspers together. The result shows a natural, classic, perfect universal piece that is one of a kind.

This stone is found in Western Australia, where the soil is full of nanoplankton fossils. This has an impressive and important role in the creation process. They are sediment generated stones, which means it’s a coalescence of different types of stones. This is the reason the Mookaite have all these beautiful different color tones and are almost never the same.

Material Re-used 14K gold, Mookaite Jasper

Total length 45mm

Weight 4,4 gram each

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