Tigers Eye

This oval shaped Tigers Eye is truly a beauty and speaks so much power. Lindsey fell for the subtle gold-brown lines that almost blend in with the golden frame holding it

“The stone is my starting point, I always make my design around the stone.” Tells Lindsey about the intuitive process. By melting and casting different times it finally comes to a design that fits perfectly with the stone. The setting is made in 14k recycled gold but the band of the ring has a special alloy. This alloy is made out of a mix of white and yellow gold. Unexpectedness, for example by experimenting with mixing different colors, is one of the things that make Lindsey’s jewels remarkabl

Material alloy of white and yellow gold, re-used yellow gold, Tigers Eye

Size 18mm

Band of the ring 12mm

Setting with stone 13mmX15mm

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