Measure your ring to determine your ring size.

Use a flexibel measuring tape to measure the circumference of your finger. If you don’t have a measuring tape, use a piece of paper or string, no thicker than 0.5 mm, and then measure the length of the paper / string with a ruler. This is the circumference of your finger

Please note: That when measuring your finger, the knuckle must be taken into consideration. In some cases the lower part of your finger may be smaller than your knuckle, so you may have difficulty putting on your ring if it is too small. Also the ring should never be too big, you don’t want it to move around or worse, lose it! 

Tips to measure your ring size

Do not measure your fingers when they are cold. Then your fingers are smaller. It is also not convenient to measure your finger on a very hot summer day. If your knuckles are very large, it is best to choose a larger size.. It can be helpful to measure your fingers at the end of the day. Please note the ring size of each hand can be different. If the ring has a stone, it is important to measure the size as exact as possible otherwise the ring will turn.

When purchasing a ring with a wider band, you should choose either ½ or 1 size larger

Advice for buying a ring as a gift

Buying a ring as a gift can be tricky because you may not know the correct ring size. You can find out the ring size in different ways.

By asking friends or family of the person if they know the ring size, or smoothly ask.

Borrow one of the rings of the person (the correct finger) and measure it as described above.

Take in consideration the thickness of the ring you want to give, sizes differ between thicker bands or small bands. It is important to measure the same thickness as the ring you want to give.

Rings with a stone are difficult to resize, and will have extra costs. If you have any questions about this or about your size please contact us trough this form.