Our Recycling Process

How do we recycle your jewelry?

  • Metals may be melted down
  • Stones may be replaced or retrieved
  • The piece can be redesigned
  • Pieces can be repaired


For personalised pieces we recommend using materials that you already have. Therefore making unworn, or otherwise sentimental jewelry either more to your taste and giving it a new breath of life. 

Reusing materials is an important aspect of jewelry making for us. Rather than sourcing new materials, we believe that it is even better to give something old a new life through redesign. Metals and stones are so easy to reuse and remake, let’s try to give back a little to our planet! By helping us to design a new piece for you from something old, we hope that we together can create a piece that you can have and wear forever. In doing this, we help to keep raw materials in rotation, which is part of our recycling philosophy! If you have any questions to us