The Process

The question of origin in an object is an interesting one, and therefore poses the question of why we remove and appropriate objects from their original context? The environment, and the origins of materials has an incredibly powerful value to the way in which we create and wear jewelry. The +|- collection, originally a graduation collection, takes traditional jewelry as a starting point, and through the experimentation of voltages, is able to record time. Slowly, Lindsey was able to manipulate the way in which the copper grew in the baths, to create unique and unrecreatable pieces. Some of the traditions in jewelry making have been lost through mass production, the internet and a lack of emotion towards our possessions. For example, a signet ring, once a symbol of your family identity and heritage, can now be easily purchased online or at any jewelry store. By using this method and increasing the loss, it signifies our own loss of ownership of the jewelry that we wear and allows us to take back the identity of the pieces that we adorn ourselves with. From this the title, +|- was born, and it refers to the taking and giving of material, both in a literal and a sentimental context.