Lindsey Fontijn is an independent goldsmith based in Amsterdam. Through her work she wants to reveal the inherent entanglement of value and meaning and give this relationship attention. Why do we appropriate objects from a traditional context and place them in a totally different one, in which the original meaning is no longer recognizable?

Her current body of work takes traditional jewelry as a starting point and through experimentation with a chemical process, records time, and in so doing removes or disrupts the objects original function. With her collections she wants to question originality and historical context against the fast fashion we live in now a days. Materiality and craftsmanship are matters of great importance to her.

Her background as goldsmith and her jewellery-design degree at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2018 serves a great combination of craftsmanship and content. The earrings of +|- collection are a result of her research, these jewelry pieces are one of a kind.

Her Fuck It collection is about statement pieces that combine boldness and elegance.