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If an object is situated in an environment in which it did not originate the meaning changes.

This disregard of context is difficult for me to understand. Through my work I want to reveal the inherent entanglement of value and meaning and give this relationship attention. Why do we appropriate objects from a traditional context and place them in a totally different one, in which the original meaning is no longer recognizable?
This current body of work takes traditional jewelry as a starting point and through experimentation with a chemical process, records time, and in so doing removes or disrupts the objects original function.

I wanted to increase this loss, to make the pieces even less functional. For example with this heart-shaped medallion that can no longer be opened. Function and context is lost, such as value and meaning.

+ | -  Is my graduation work. I did research in the chemical process of plating. Playing with the intensity of the voltage therefore, it was often a surprise what happens with the object in the bath. Slowly I learned how I could manipulate the growing process of the copper.

Using jewellery pieces with a historical context like the signet ring or a classic chain necklace.
The signet ring has many rules; it was meant to show your identity and heritage. It was a ring, which wasn’t a piece for everyone. These days we can buy one on the internet or in a jewellery store and engrave our initials without any knowledge about the historical context of this piece.

The copper plates are used in the process as the base material (+) to grow on the object (-).

The title +| - refers to the taking and giving of the material. These two need each other. I found this giving an important relation with the jewellery pieces I got from my mom and dad. When I was eighteen my mom gave me a beautiful charm bracelet, which looked like the one she got from her mother. These charms are pictured on one of the plates. The other image with the “L” is a charm of a necklace my dad was wearing for many years. It is the initial of my mom. When I was twenty-one I got this one from my dad. I always loved it how beautiful it is to wear the initial of your beloved one.

The electroplating method can also be used as an electrolytic etching technique. With varnish I cover parts of the plate, then the image will remain. I used my own charm bracelet I got from my mom and put it in the bath between the plates as the - and the material that comes from the plates as my parents, the +. For me it tells a story that explains the relationship between my parents en me through jewellery.








Fuck It

Rules rules rules rules rules rules rules rules rules and rules...

Statement ring


This project is born from the idea why we want to show something what it’s not. I was wondering why we desire gold so much. With just a little research it shows that gold is an important element in our lives and that it has many qualities not only jewellery related.
But my next question was; why do we gold plate so much these days, why do we want to show something what it is not? It will wear off and in the end you have an ugly half plated jewellery piece. I made my own electroplating baths to experiment. I silver-plated a golden ring to turn the problem around. Therefore, the ring needs to be worn to show what is real.

I wanted to use the disappearing to play with the different layers. Some rings have nine different layers of gold, silver and copper. Therefore you have to wear it to see how your jewellery piece slowly change and becomes the decay of the layers an interesting indication of time.


Value? Remake

What happens when you remake a remake of a remake?

It is concerning to me that people do not realize that remakes can cause long-traditional crafts to become extinct. I think it is important to increase awareness of materials and objects that we can buy in our daily lives, because cheap reproductions can cause the extinction of long-existing crafts, and the meaning of the original will slowly change. Therefore I started this project where I used the classic Cartier Panthere hanger. I found a really cheap remake on a market in Rotterdam. It was silver colored with blue and purple fake stones for only €2, -. I did some research about it and found out that there are a lot of ugly remakes of this specific hanger.

I made a mold of the brooch and poured a new model in plastic and made again a mold of that one, I continued this ten times. The end result is for me a reflection of all the “cheap looking” remakes of this Cartier piece. The abundance of mass-produced identical or similar-looking items has advanced the importance of artistic originality and authenticity. Nevertheless, I find that a crucial consideration is the outcome of the meaning of an object when it has been copied – essentially, the role of the copy in relation to artistic originality.


Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Show
4 - 8 July 2018

The Marzee International Graduate Show 
19 Aug - 31 Oct 2018

Joya Barcelona
4-5-6 October 2018

MOAM Amsterdam - Generation ‘19
24 Januari 2019

Artistar Jewels - Milan Fashion Week
19 - 24 Feb 2019

Upcoming exhibitions

D’Autor - Bucharest                       20-21 April 2019
Galeria Alice Floriano - Brazil         9 May 2019
Creativity Ogetti - Turin                 June 2019


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